The Idea

The Opkikker foundation gives severely sick children the best day of their life. We created a new campaign to increase brand awareness and donations, but most important to give Jay-Jay a day he’ d never ever forget.

During a visit to Ajax Jay-Jay didn’t just get a day to remember. He got a contract. What started out as a normal visit made a turn for the awesome when he was asked to join the players on the field during training. At a press conference later that day he was announced as the youngest debutant ever to join the team. Fox Sports had the scoop and covered Ajax’s latest talent in their television show. During a real league match against N.A.C Breda Jay-Jay joined his new teammates on the pitch true player style. After the stadium speaker announced Jay-Jay as a new player, he kicked off the match. We are very grateful to Ajax, the Ajax foundation and many, many others who contributed to this amazing project.

We’re closing in on 1.000.000 youtube views.