Ministry of Foreign Affairs

24/7 BZ

We're there for you wherever, whenever and for whatever. Any questions?

'Round the clock, 'round the world

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (BZ) provides a wide range of information and services for Dutch travellers abroad. From foreign travel advice through our app and website to a phone number that you can call 24/7 if you get in trouble or need support.

So - wherever you are in the world, our services are always with you, right by your side. To explain this, meet Sam! Turns out no matter where Sam goes, there's always a camera! So Sam can explain all there is to know about the 24/7 BZ services.

And Sam has loads of friends!

We got in touch with Dutch travellers all around the world via social media and radio. They helped spread our message from whatever part of the globe they were currently exploring.


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