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Why do as the Romans do if you can be like the Trojans?

What Would Odysseus Do?

BNR is the #2 news radio station in the Netherlands. Numero uno is none other than Radio 1. A government-funded member of the Public Broadcasting System. So quite the Goliath to our David.

When Radio 1 didn't allow BNR to advertise on their station (false competition anyone?). We had to start thinking like those heroes of the past. But a wooden horse wouldn’t have done us any good. No, we needed an ENTIRE AIRLINE: Bay&Air. Which in Dutch is pronounced exactly the same as BNR. 

A Trojan Radio Commercial

It's in Dutch, the puns don't translate at all ;)

Mission accomplished

We then created a radio commercial and started to advertise our new airline on Radio 1. Everything looked and felt like we were an actual airliner, until Radio 1 heard our commercial playing on their own radio station.

The ad was pulled after airing only once. But that was more than enough to spark a huge conversation. For one day, instead of bringing the news, we were the news.

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    • And that's how Holland's #2 radio station became the #1 talked about by airing a single radio commercial.

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