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Don’t let Brexit scare you.

At the end of 2020 Brexit was just around the corner. Still there were a few entrepreneurs who weren't prepared for what’s coming. Which is a big problem because in 2021 Brexit is a fact. The main reason was that entrepreneurs were a bit tired of all the Brexit news. It was time to get them focused on the issue again. Something our Brexit muppet is very good at.

With the main message: Brexit is coming closer. Don’t let Brexit be an unpleasant surprise. Brexit scared more entrepreneurs than just one. For every industry that could be affected by Brexit we created a print and online campaign. This way the few that did not prepare for what was coming could reflect themself with the entrepreneurs used in the campaign.

Persuasive creativity

Even after a successful campaign some entrepreneurs were still acting like ostriches. They wouldn’t acknowledge that Brexit could have an impact on their company and were looking the other way. Or like ostriches in the ground. It was time for one more campaign to let all entrepreneurs acknowledge Brexit.
They still thought they wouldn’t be affected by Brexit (optimism bias). To deal with this bias we scared them a little. To show them the effect that could happen when you don’t prepare for Brexit (disrupt & reframe).

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