Do you see, what we see?

We painted technicians a picture of what working at Rijkswaterstaat would be like.

In 2018 Rijkswaterstaat (the Department of Waterways and Public Works) started with the biggest maintenance project in history. The restauration of more than a 100 infrastructural masterpieces (like they call them at Rijkswaterstaat).

That’s why they needed new colleagues. But how to find the right people, those who see the world the same way as Rijkswaterstaat does? We introduced: The Rijkswaterstaat Audiotour. An audio tour that lets you see museum masterpieces through the eyes of Rijkswaterstaat. Do you see what they see? Then you’re cut from the same cloth as Rijkswaterstaat and we want you.

The Making of

The tour ended with a very special painting: The stone bridge by Rembrandt. And Rijkswaterstaat, being Rijkswaterstaat, couldn’t resist to even do maintenance on this old masterpiece.

After ‘The Rijkswaterstaat Audiotour” ended, the painting made a tour across all branches of Rijkswaterstaat with this specially designed mini-museum. Witch was off course festively opened by the big shots of Rijkswaterstaat in their headquarters.

    the Results

    • 1.500.000

      video views

    • 650

      vacancies were filled.

    • 64%

      view through rate

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