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How a restaurant without staff proved just how much we need them after all.

Foodsy, a recipe for disaster:

1. Cook up a restaurant.

2. Add plenty of signs telling guests how to run it.

3. Serve people a 'Totally Hip New Hospitality Concept'.

4. And watch it slowly boil over.

Who needs staff anyway?

Hospitality is the poorest paying industry in the Netherlands. So how do we remind everyone about the importance of staff? By showing what happens when they disappear.

We launched a ground-breaking hospitality concept, the first restaurant where the guest does everything! We quickly became one of the must-see places in Amsterdam. On opening night, we had a full house. And luckily for us, the more people without proper experience try to run a restaurant together, the more stuff goes wrong!

What seemed so right, went so wrong

Food burningly, skipping the dishesly, leaving without payingly WRONG!

All we had to do then was share the news. Within hours every major News Outlet, Trade Journal and Food Blog were reporting about the importance of skilled hospitality personnel.

    the Results

    • 60.000.000+


    • € 500.000,-

      Earned Media

    • 15.000


    • But best of all, the employers’ association which had abandoned negotiations with us got back in touch asking to talk again!

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