Legendary Learning

Imagine getting to play games all day that actually help you to perform better in school.

Meet Tom...

Tom used to be a student like many others. Unstimulated, bored and not realizing his full potential.
Then he started playing Squla and his life became super epic.

Suddenly doing homework was the coolest thing ever! And mini game after quiz his scores improved, as did his grades. Parents proud, teachers proud, and Tom having the time of his life. Now that’s what we call: Legendary Learning.

Parlez-vous Polonais?

The campaign had to simultaneously reaffirm our identity in the Netherlands, strengthen it in France, and launch Squla onto the Polish market.

It worked. In the Netherlands we made further gains on our competitors. In Poland we rose to the #1 spot of Preferred Educational Gaming Platforms. And in France we took the preferred status as well as the most recognized. So keep it up Tom!

    The Results

    • Netherlands

      Undisputed #1

    • Poland

      Took the lead

    • France

      Best new entrant

    • With just one campaign we created and defended a #1 position in three very different countries!

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