Meet the new China

I spend $36 billion a year just for fun

Ingenico Group has led the payment industry for more than 30 years to become the global leader in seamless payment. They provide smart payment solutions to empower companies to service clients around the world, like in China.

The problem for many western companies is: China is a very difficult country to understand and conquer. Ingenico is there to help. Therefore, we introduced China as if it was a single customer. We shared the staggering possibilities and gave powerful insights on how to get to this unique new customer.

By introducing China as if it’s a single customer, we made China approachable.

We introduced China as a gamer (gaming industry) traveler (the travel industry) and as a shopaholic (e-retailer industry). That suited for every different audience Ingenico has. With sales numbers that high you would like to meet China so you can introduce your products. Luckily Ingenico can help you arrange a meeting and do business like a local.


In the organic ads we showed more mind blowing facts. With numbers this high it’s hard for western companies to ignore.

Persuasive Creativity

The chinese market, with its own social media apps and payment options, is a hard market to enter as a global company (information overload). So many companies tried to treat the market as any other market and failed or didn’t try at all (information avoidance). Therefore we presented Ingenico as the partners, who helps successfully launch your business in China (self-efficacy). Funny fact, people find it hard to interpret big numbers and make sense of it, that’s why we presented them as easy to understand examples to make doing business more attractive. 

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