Stichting Opkikker

The most colourful campaign, ever

We couldn’t do this one alone and asked for the help of 320 very junior art-directors

The Opkikker foundation gives severely sick children and their families the best day of their lives. When we were asked to help with a new campaign film and create more visibility for the foundation, our reaction was: say no more. But instead of creating a film, we created 320 coloring pages and handed them out to the kids during a special Opkikker day. Each coloring page was unique and represented a frame in the new film. 320 Opkikker kids went wild with color markers and turned each page into a unique unicorn rainbow color explosion

It resulted in a film that explains the unique work The Opkikker foundation does for severely sick children, but it also shows they put everything to work to create unique experiences for kids who need it the most. 

Our very junior art directors were proud to see their coloring pages on national tv. It even gave them street credit as the coloring pages became part of the outdoor campaign. We can say without a doubt the project turned into the most colorful campaign ever.


Persuasive Creativity

The Opkikker foundation is all about cheering children and families up and giving them a good time, which translated in making that purpose come true even in developing this commercial. After families have visited a day with The Opkikker foundation they stay ambassadeurs for life, we used them as social proof that the foundation is helping a lot of people. The drawings also helped us stand out from the typical tear jerking charity commercials (von restorff effect). 

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