The Odd Shop joins MediaMonks

Fueled by data. Guided by science. Launched with creativity.

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MediaMonks launches expertise in behavioural creativity and government communication with specialised team


15 February, Amsterdam - Today, Oscar Hamming, Niels de Wit and Robert van der Lans, formerly founders of The Odd Shop, announce that their team is joining MediaMonks to bring their distinct Persuasive Creativity Model to S4Capital’s content practice. Specialised in combining behavioural science and stand-out creativity, they are most well known for a range of successful government campaigns, including the Brexit campaign with the big blue monster.


With the expert team, MediaMonks taps into a specialised team with solid experience in behavioural science and government communication. At The Odd Shop, Hamming, de Wit and van der Lans developed and perfected the Persuasive Creativity Model, which integrates behavioural science insights of the target audience with strategy and creativity. 


The combination of their specialist knowledge with MediaMonks’ digital know-how and prowess creates a unique offering for advertisers, and it will attract more communication projects for the semi-government and government itself. Regina Romeijn, VP Business Strategy at MediaMonks, said: “We see that there’s still a lot to be done for governments when it comes to their digital strategy. With the expertise of the team, we’ll make communications for this sector smarter and more effective, and help them target audiences that are often out of their reach.”


Hamming, de Wit and van der Lans join Romeijn in integrating the Persuasive Creativity Model into MediaMonks, and will focus on attracting government projects. Oscar Hamming said: “By integrating the power of Persuasive Creativity with the best digital company in the world, we create endless possibilities. We will expand our offering within MediaMonks, but we will also look to optimally support the Dutch government. Complementing Sorrell’s holy trinity of content, media and data with the power of behavioural science, we offer a unique skill set that can truly elevate campaigns.”

Niels de Wit, Creative Director, adds: “Apart from the behavioural science approach to communications, our distinctive creative approach is instrumental to success as well. We’re able to translate scientific findings into creativity that stands out, and effective communication that hits a nerve. ‘Fueled by data. Guided by science. Launched with creativity,’ as we call it. To be able to do this within the MediaMonks and S4Capital’s network is a dream come true.”

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