Perry & VeiligheidNL

Be Brave Be Safe

Meet Tommy Carrol. Blind since the age of two, skating since he was ten.

Wear protection

Each year 3.7 million people suffer a sports-related injury. A serious issue on which VeiligheidNL and Perry Sport wanted to act. But how do we get people to become more careful without sounding like a worried grandma? 

We introduced a new sports label with the philosophy that you can achieve more when you are protected. BE BRAVE BE SAFE. And chose a spokesperson who truly embodied this claim. 

So next time you're trying to land that triple cork, be like Tommy and stomp that stuff with absolute confidence!

    the Results

    • A credible


    • A successful

      New sports label

    • With millions

      of views

    • Telling a story about protection that people were ACTUALLY watching.

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