Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet

Release your fashionista

Visit the new Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet Centre and you'll be enchanted from the moment you arrive.

A Fashionista's Wonderland

With over 150 new factory outlet shops selling international fashion brands, the Batavia Stad experience is more amazing than ever! Be dazzled by the huge choice of big name brands, all at fabulous prices. Get lost in a world of colour and vibrancy. Feel like a catwalk model as you slip your new designer clothes on.

Then sit back and float away with a nice cup of tea, or maybe a glass of wine. And, at the end of the day, click your heels together three times and ... well you'll still have to drive home yourself. Sorry ;)

Lights, camera, fashion!

We made all our dreams come alive during a thrilling two-day film shoot in the beautiful city of Kiev, in the Ukraine. A big hand goes to the Martini Shot production crew, Daan Hocks, Director, and Gabor Deak, DOP, for their time, effort and endless patience in getting everything just right!


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