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Sign the pledge

Will you sign the pledge against antibiotic resistant bacteria?

In the fight against antibiotic resistant bacteria it’s crucial that every doctor, surgeon, nurse or veterinarian appreciates how urgent the situation is and knows precisely what they can do to prevent more bacteria developing resistance. 

Working with the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports and a range of medical branch organizations, we challenged healthcare professionals to put their signature underneath an antibiotics pledge. (The Dutch word for signature in English is hand drawing.)

But these were no ordinary signatures! By using their own personalised bacteria ‘handtekening’ on a large petri dish, participants were able to make an unusual, eye-catching pledge to contribute to the fight against antibiotic resistance. A pledge they were unlikely to forget!

All hands on deck

In a web series called 'In Quarantine With' we spoke to different professionals about the risks they faced in their respective fields.

Our antibiotics team also visited hospitals and healthcare events to inform professionals about the issue and ask them to sign the pledge. Participants all received their own ‘handtekening’ in a framed petri dish to put on the wall in their office or practice; a novel reminder of the pledge they took.

    the Results

    • Thousands

      of professionals pledged their dedication

    • Quadrillions

      of bacteria were donated and counting.

    • Bringing together opinion leaders on the topic and professionals in the field.

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