Fake social media ads

To warn consumers for malicious companies we became one ourselves.

Find out first who is behind it

More and more social media integrate shopping functionalities. This gives malicious companies new platforms to scam oblivious consumers. To get the attention of people most likely to fall for these scams, we have created a series of questionable fake ads on Facebook, Insta and YouTube. But after a few seconds our ads came to life and showed what could be behind the façade.

Do the scan not the scam

Together with ConsuWijzer we’ve created the Online Shop Check that helps consumers to check an online shop before doing business with them.


Social media influencers pointed out the risks of malicious companies and promoted the Online Shop Scan to their followers.

    the Results

    • We triggered

      exactly the right audience

    • 3.3 million

      consumers reached

    • 50%

      of the exposed audience talked to others about the risks

    • We bet you'll be extra careful too next time you buy stuff via social media

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