Today is Perfect

Whatever's between you and the ocean, overcome it!

When we won the contract to create the new O'Neill summer campaign, one thing was clear. We didn't want to talk about perfect blue skies and beautiful waves. We wanted to show the other side of surfing.

We showed how Mark Mathews learned to overcome his fear of waves to become one of the greatest big wave surfers of all time. And how Sihle, a street kid from Durban, managed to escape the streets because of his determination to ride the waves.


We showed that you can still go out even if there are no waves to speak of, or when it's so cold your boots freeze to your board. That side is the O'Neill side, to just focus on surfing and overcome all obstacles in your way. Just like Jack O'Neill who famously 'just wanted to surf longer', and so created the wetsuit.


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