How to fill 1000 job openings per year.

God created the world, but the Dutch created the Netherlands

The Netherlands has the third best infrastructure in the world, and Rijkswaterstaat (the Department of Waterways and Public Works) is responsible for it. To keep up the good work they have a structural and increasing need for highly trained professionals. In a decreasing job market, this calls for a strong and ongoing recruitment campaign on all levels; employer branding, job marketing and direct recruitment.

To position Rijkswaterstaat as a strong employer we launched an integrated brand campaign: ‘Work at Rijkswaterstaat. Verder met Nederland.’ (sorry the pun doesn’t translate well)

Our country is never finished and at Rijkswaterstaat we are doing all we can to bring our infrastructure to the next level. When you work at Rijkswaterstaat you are improving our country, but you are also improving your own skill set. At Rijkswaterstaat you are able to work on the biggest and most impressive projects you can find.

Always on the move

We created a visual language build around cinemagraphs. A beautiful technique that showcased that projects of Rijkswaterstaat keep our infrastructure on the move.

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    the Results

    • 1000+

      job openings filled in 2016

    • 1000+

      job openings filled in 2017

    • 1000+

      job openings filled in 2018

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